Dangerous Word On Relationship

Which thoughts should we suppress? Which should we shine more light on?

Here are some dangerous thoughts clients have revealed to me. Seeing them may remind you of some of yours.

Deep down, I care mainly about myself.

My family gives me more pain than pleasure.

The liabilities of getting married outweigh the benefits.

I’m terrified of the physical pain of having a baby and then the enormous sacrifice it takes to be a parent—Your life is no longer your own. And it costs a fortune.

I’m tempted to cheat on my spouse.

Deep down, my failures aren’t caused by all those externalities I cite. Fact is, I am not very competent nor motivated. Plus, I’m a handful. If I were my boss, I’d replace me.

I’m tempted to commit a crime.

I claim to be an artist but really that’s just a socially acceptable excuse for not getting a real job.

I say I can stop abusing substances but I always seem to fall off the wagon.

I spend too much.

I’m a hypocrite. For example, I say I believe in mass transit but avoid it as much as possible. I love my car.

I’m nice but I’m not sure how good I am.

I try to believe in God but deep down I know there is no God.

I hate men.

I hate women.

I tell my kids to work hard at school but much of what they’re taught really isn’t important.

I’m not as honest as I appear.

I talk too much even it bothers people. I like to talk.

Sex has become boring.

I wish I never married that person.

I regret having children.

I wouldn’t sacrifice as much for my spouse as s/he would for me.

Therapy has given me insight but my life is no better.